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Media blasting of the  interior ceiling after another contractor incorrectly applied the stain causing blotching throughout.

corn cob blasting photo

40 years of combined log home and log restoration expertise.  

Welcome home with Beamer's Better Builders, owned and operated by Danny Beamer from the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains of VA.  When Danny finishes your project you will feel a new sense of  "Welcome Home" every time you walk in.  Over 40 years of combined log home expertise.

  • Top Quality Services
  • * Media Blasting
  • * Pressure Washing
  • * Chinking
  • * Staining
  • * Caulking
  • * Log Restoration
  • * Log Replacement
  • * Preservative Treatment
  • * Log Preservation
  • * Set up to Travel

Danny does a superb job on every project he completes.   Anyone can stain, chink, caulk, and repair a log home but not everyone can do it right.  Don't make the costly mistake of having to re-stain your home every couple of years.  Let Danny show you a better way to avoid costly re-applications by doing it right the first time.

  • The name says it all, Beamer's Better Builders, better for a reason,                                "Pride in workmanship" and "Attention to detail."

Browse the site to see for yourself the top quality log home restoration work that Danny can do for you.  Call 276-755-3094 today or  e-mail now to see how Danny can serve your log home needs.

                                                                          Log Home Services in the following areas:

  Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, New York, Maine, New Jersey, Vermont, New Hampshire, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, Arkansas, Missouri, Kentucky, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois

Why settle for less, when you can choose the best!